My name is Matt and I like to make cool things.

I like to make things out of code, wire, wood, and sound. I'm a maker vaguely specialising in weird musical instruments. My website is a work in progress, but for now I have decided to list some of my recent projects in a haphazard way below. If you would like to contact me about any of my projects, my email is and my GitHub is


This is a digital synthesizer designed to be played as a guitar. The conductive plectrum and six-part digital frets transmit musical data to the internal synthesizer chip (a Teensy 3.6 running the Teensy audio library). The sound is then modulated by as many knobs as I was able to fit onto the guitar's body. It's fun and unique to play, and creates some weird, unexpected sounds. Available on GitHub.

Digital Modular Synth

This instrument is hard to describe, even to people who know about these things, but it's pretty cool once you get your head around it. It's a software-based modular synthesizer with a hardware controller, but the code and circuitry are designed to make it possible for you to not only choose your own modules, but write your own modules from scratch. Available on GitHub.


A work-in-progress online drum machine (of sorts). While researching how to synthesize drum sounds without using samples, I realised that a lot of synthetic drum sounds are created from fairly simple sound sources, such as white noise or a sine wave. This made me wonder about the possibility of feeding other, more complex sounds through a series of effects to create unusual drum sounds which fulfil a similar percussive role to the kick, snare, hi-hat, etc, but which sound noticeably different.

You can play with the current unfinished version or take a look at the source code.